Mk4 donated to The Fire Service College

“The Fire Service College is delighted to announce the arrival of three replacement train carriages, supplied in collaboration with Eversholt Rail. The project was delivered over a two month period, which resulted in a number of older carriages being replaced with Mk4 rail carriages, kindly donated to The Fire Service College by Eversholt Rail. The rail facility at The Fire Service College is used extensively to provide training to all emergency responders in respect to dealing with rail incidents and practising operational policies and procedures. The facility will support the development of operational crews as well as developing incident commanders.

Dominik Wellmann, Managing Director at The Fire Service College stated: “The Fire Service College would like to thank Eversholt Rail for the very kind donation of rail stock, which will support the ongoing development of UK emergency responders.

Further work between the two organisations will begin to look at emergency measures that may be required with alternative methods of fuel used to power the UK’s rail stock.”

Paul Sutherland, Client Services Director at Eversholt Rail said “We are delighted to be able to provide The Fire Service College with Mk4 carriages to support the training of emergency responders who provide an invaluable service to us all.”

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