Eversholt Rail Limited A Member of Eversholt UK Rails Group

Eversholt Rail owns UK passenger and freight rolling stock. We have over 25 years of experience in the rail industry. We currently lease trains to 10 train operators and 3 freight operators within the UK.

Moreover, we procure and finance new rolling stock and have invested more than £3 billion in new trains since privatisation.

We are also committed to maintaining the quality and reliability of our existing assets. We continuously invest in our fleets through heavy maintenance and major enhancement programmes to deliver a better passenger experience and minimise through-life costs.

Latest News

H2 Green and Eversholt Rail partner to bring hydrogen supply to UK rail

Fuelling the green future of British railways H2 Green, the hydrogen network operator, has entered into an agreement with leading railway rolling stock owner Eversholt Rail to develop hydrogen supply solutions for the UK railway. H2 Green and Eversholt Rail will work together to determine the production and refuelling infrastructure required to support wide-scale deployment of hydrogen-powered rolling stock fleets. The focus is on providing low-cost and reliable green hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of water using renewable energy sources.

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Class 321 Swift Express Freight Train ready for service

Eversholt Rail has today unveiled the Class 321 Swift Express Freight train. The conversion began in early 2021, with Eversholt Rail, supported by Ricardo and Wabtec, carrying out the works at Wabtec’s Doncaster facility. The programme to convert the classic Class 321 into an express freight train has now been successfully completed and the train is service-ready. The Class 321 Swift Express Freight trains will provide a cost-effective and low carbon solution for transporting parcels around the UK.

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Class 318 Time Based Overhaul

Eversholt Rail have awarded Brodie Engineering a multimillion-pound contract to perform a time-based overhaul on our fleet of Class 318 Electric Multiple Units. This contract is due to commence in November 2021 and will be a direct follow on from the highly successful Class 320 Time Based Overhaul Extra programme currently being undertaken at Brodie Engineering’s Bonnyton Works.

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