Eversholt Rail partners with Primary Engineer to inspire the next generation of engineers

Eversholt Rail is delighted to announce its partnership with Primary Engineer which will bring engineering into the classrooms of Huddersfield-based schools.

Eversholt Rail is providing funding to enable Primary Engineer to offer professional development and teaching resources for two teachers each at ten schools across Huddersfield, with the aim of helping them run engaging STEM-based rail projects for their pupils. Ten engineers from Eversholt Rail will also be supporting the teachers with delivering this rail project throughout the 2023/24 school year.

The Primary Engineer Programmes provide meaningful links between engineering and education, enabling teachers to deliver an engaging engineering project to pupils in the classroom. Engineering and technology professionals enhance both teachers and pupils’ learning by raising awareness of the breadth of opportunities and careers that the world of engineering offers.

Mary Kenny, Chief Executive Officer, Eversholt Rail, said: “We believe it is so important to engage with the younger generation to inspire them to pursue careers in engineering within the railway industry. This partnership will provide the opportunity to reach out and bring engineering into the classrooms of schools in Huddersfield to hopefully inspire the next generation of engineers.”

Chris Rochester, UK Director of Primary Engineer, said, “This wonderful partnership with Eversholt Rail will enable pupils in the Huddersfield area to identify with rail engineering and develop skills through the Primary Engineer Rail project. The partnership will provide them with opportunities to meet and work with rail engineering professionals in the classroom creating meaningful links between local rail engineers, teachers and pupils.”

About Primary Engineer

 Primary Engineer is an educational not-for-profit organisation founded in 2005 which aims to engage both primary and secondary school pupils and teachers with the vast and inspirational world of engineering and technology. They work with businesses and industry across the UK to help develop a future, diverse generation of engineering and technology professionals.

About Eversholt Rail

Eversholt Rail owns UK passenger and freight rolling stock and has more than 25 years’ experience in the rail industry. Eversholt Rail has invested more than £3bn in new trains since privatisation and continually invests in its existing fleets to maintain quality and reliability to deliver a better passenger and operator experience.

Eversholt Rail has a proud history of innovation and plays an integral role in the growth and modernisation of the UK rail sector by introducing new products and technologies into the market.

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