Celebrating Primary Engineer 2024 in Huddersfield

On 24th April we hosted our first Primary Engineer celebration event in Huddersfield which was the culmination of the ‘Primary Engineer Rail Programme’.

The programme gave pupils from eight Huddersfield-based schools the opportunity for pupils to build and test their own trains while getting to interact with engineering professionals in class, as well as attending a joint school event as they celebrate their achievements at the end of the programme.

Joined by engineers from Northern and TransPennine Express, a team of Eversholt Rail engineers partnered with the schools to provide hands-on support to their pupils taking part in the programme and also talk about their own experiences of being an Engineer and the exciting opportunities this has given them.

The Primary Engineer Rail Programme provides meaningful links between engineering and education, enabling teachers to deliver engaging, rail-oriented engineering projects to pupils in the classroom. Engineering and technology professionals enhance both teachers and pupils’ learning by raising awareness of the breadth of opportunities and careers that the world of engineering offers.

Sutherland, Client Services Director at Eversholt Rail said “I am really proud that Eversholt Rail has been able to sponsor Primary Engineer and work with schools near Huddersfield. All of us at Eversholt Rail really enjoyed working on the train build project, also having the chance to talk to school children about a career in Engineering was very rewarding.“

Hazel Haigh, St John’s Primary Academy said  “When running the STEM club, we got to the session in which we had constructed the frame and wired up the circuits. The trains moved for the first time and every single pupil was SO excited that something they had made could move in such a way! The showcase event was also a huge highlight- such a positive and well-organised experience.”

Andy Foster, Senior Fleet Manager at Eversholt Rail said “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to support teachers and children in Huddersfield and to share my passion and excitement for engineering.  To attend the celebration event and see the children successfully achieve their builds and their delight in making each train move was very rewarding.  The Primary Engineer programme has been an invaluable link in opening children’s eyes to the possibilities of engineering as a future career.”

Chris Rochester, UK Director at Primary Engineer said “Our partnership with Eversholt Rail has had such a great impact on the pupils and teachers in the schools in Huddersfield enabling them to meet and work with engineering professionals and develop essential skills such as problem finding, problem-solving, improving and adapting.  We’re looking forward to continuing the partnership and working with more schools in the next academic year together.”

About Primary Engineer

Primary Engineer is an educational not-for-profit organisation founded in 2005 which aims to engage both primary and secondary school pupils and teachers with the vast and inspirational world of engineering and technology. They work with businesses and industry across the UK to help develop a future, diverse generation of engineering and technology professionals.

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