Mark 4

Mark 4 coaching stock is on lease with London North Eastern Railway. 

The coaches are purpose-designed for longer-distance services.  Currently operating with the 125mph Class 91 electric locomotive and Mark 4 Driving Van Trailer, the Mark 4 coaches have operated in passenger service with other electric locomotives, including the 110mph Class 90.   

The Mark 4’s physical and electrical interfaces also facilitate integration with a number of other diesel and bi-mode locomotives. 

There are 82 vehicles in the Mark 4 fleet with 7 different passenger vehicle types. 

The recent high-specification investment in the coaches has included an interior refresh and all modifications required to make the Mark 4 fleet TSI PRM compliant. 

Features and Facts

Manufacturer: Metro-Cammell
Entry into service: 1989
Fleet size: 72 passenger vehicles, 10 DVTs
Unit seating capacity: First class: 127 (plus 1 Tip-up), Standard class: 398 (plus 4 Tip-up)
Dimensions of coach: 23.4m except DVT 18.6m
Maximum speed: 125mph
High speed capability
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
CET toilets: 2 x UAT, 7 x standard
Passenger "info-tainment system"
At-seat power sockets
Luggage stacks and overhead storage
Bicycle storage