Class 802

The class 802 fleet is leased to Great Western Railway.

They are part of the AT300 fleet built by Hitachi in their Pistoia factory in Italy.

They have been designed to meet the operational requirements of the West of England route and are used on services out of London Paddington to Plymouth and Penzance.

The class 802 is almost identical to the class 800, the differences are that class 802s have a higher rated engine output to tackle the gradients through Devon and Cornwall, and a superior diesel range to provide the IET experience to the wider Greater Western Network, they also have a larger brake resistor which reduces brake pad usage and requires less maintenance.

The First class area has catering provision.

The fleet is currently configured as:

  • 22 x 5 car units
  • 14 x 9 car units

These trains are maintained by Hitachi under a Train Services Agreement out of their North Pole and Stoke Gifford Depots.

Features and Facts

Manufacturer: Hitachi
Entry into service: 2018-2019
Fleet size: 236 vehicles
5 car unit formation: DPTS-MS-MS-MC-DPTF
9 car unit formation: DPTS-MS-MS-TS-MS-TS-MS-MF-DPTF
5 car unit seating capacity: First class: 36, Standard class: 290
9 car unit seating capacity: First class: 71, Standard class: 576
Dimensions of unit: DPTS & DPTF: 25.7m, MS-TS-MF: 26m
Traction type: Bi-mode diesel, electric 25kV overhead
Maximum speed: 125mph electric, 110mph diesel
Maximum acceleration: Maximum Speed (mph), 125 mph (electric)
Regenerative braking
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets: 2 x UAT
Air conditioning
Passenger information system
Energy metering
At-seat power sockets
Luggage stacks and overhead storage
Bicycle storage