Class 465

The Class 465 fleet is leased to Southeastern.

They are a large proven fleet providing the backbone of the South Eastern metro services that operate within or just outside London, typically serving south-east London, Hayes, Dartford and Sevenoaks.

The fleet is designed for the metro role with high seating capacity, some of the features:

  • Modern traction system
  • High acceleration
  • Energy efficient, including regenerative braking
  • CCTV for enhanced passenger security

The fleet is currently configured as 97 x 4 car units.



Features and Facts

manufacturer-01 Manufacturer: BREL
Entry into Service Entry into service: 1992-1994
Current fleet size-01 Fleet size: 388 vehicles
Unit Formation Unit formation: DMOS-TOS-TOSL-DMOS
unit seating capacity Unit seating capacity: Standard Class: 330, Tip Up: 7
dimensions Dimensions of unit: DMOS: 20.89m, TOS/L: 20.06M
traction type Traction type: electric 750V DC Third Rail
Maximum speed-01 Maximum speed: 75mph
maximum acceleration Maximum acceleration: 0.98 ms-2
regen breaking Regenerative braking
Accessible Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
wifi WiFi
CET toilets CET toilets: 1 x standard, 1 x UAT
passenger information Passenger information system
remote condition monitoring Remote condition monitoring
cctv CCTV
liuggage capacity Overhead luggage storage
Bicycle storage Bicycle storage