Class 397

The class 397 units are a fleet built by CAF, based on their Civity platform, in their factory in Beasain, Spain.

They are 5 car units which have the capability to operate at 125 mph on TransPennine Anglo-Scottish services between Manchester Airport, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

These are an InterCity train with ‘end doors’, first class has at seat catering provision.

There is air conditioning and WiFi throughout, they also have a seat reservation system with en-route update capability.

The fleet is currently configured as 12 x 5 car units.

Features and Facts

Manuracturer: Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF)
Entry into service: 2019
Fleet size: 60 vehicles
Unit formation: DMFLW-PTS1-MSL-PTSL-DMSL
Unit seating capacity: First class: 24, Standard class: 266, Tip up: 8
Dimensions of unit: DMFLW & DMSL: 24.03m, PTS-MSL-PTSL: 23.35m
Traction type: electric 25kV overhead
Maximum speed: 125mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.92 ms-2
Regenerative braking
CET toilets
Passenger information system
At-seat power sockets
Luggage stacks/overhead storage
Bicycle storage