Class 395

The class 395 fleet is on lease to Southeastern Trains and is currently undergoing an interior refresh.

The fleet was purpose-designed and optimised for operation on HS1 high speed routes between St Pancras and Ashford.  They operate on both high speed and classic infrastructure.

The fleet is currently configured as  29 x 6 car units.

Features and Facts

Manufacturer: Hitachi
Entry into service: 2009-2010
Fleet size: 174
Unit formation: DPT-MS-MS-MS-MS-DPT
Unit seating capacity: Standard class: 340, Tip up: 12
Dimensions of unit: DPTS: 20.65m, MS: 20.0m
Traction type: electric 25kV overhead and 750V DC third rail
Maximum speed: 140mph (AC) and 100mph (DC)
Maximum acceleration: 0.74 ms-2
Regenerative braking
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets throughout: 1 x standard and 1 x UAT toilets
Air conditioning
Passenger information system
At-seat power sockets
Luggage stacks and overhead storage