Class 375

The class 375 fleet is on lease to Southeastern Trains.

The fleet runs on the mainline routes operating between London and Kent, the Medway towns and parts of East Sussex.

Through gangways enable the fleet to operate in 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 car formations providing flexibility.

Recent investment includes:

  • Comprehensive interior upgrade
  • Exterior upgrade
  • Energy metering
  • Remote condition monitoring

The fleet is currently configured as:

10 x 3 car units
102 x 4 car units

Please click on the below video link to see the high-quality upgrade.

Features and Facts

Manufacturer: Bombardier
Entry into service: 2000
Fleet size: 438 vehicles
Unit formation: 3 car: DMS-TSL-DMC, 4 car DMS-MSL-TSL-DMS
3 car unit seating capacity: First class: 12, Standard class: 161, Tip up: 3
4 cars unit seating capacity: First class: 16, Standard class: 223, Tip up: 3
4 cars (375/9) unit seating capacity: First class: 24, Standard class: 250, Tip up: 3
Dimensions of unit: DMS: 20.39m, TSL: 19.98m
Traction type: electric 750V DC Third Rail
Maximum speed: 100mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.62 ms-2
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets: throughout: 1 x UAT
Wide vestibules and aisles
Remote condition monitoring
Passenger information system
Overhead luggage storage