Class 334

The Class 334 fleet is leased to ScotRail.

It provides the services on the Airdrie – Bathgate line between Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as elsewhere around Glasgow.

These modern electric units have completed a major enhancement programme that has seen them fitted with:

  • New digital DOO CCTV system
  • Voith couplers, HVAC
  • Train Tracer remote condition monitoring
  • Driver advisory system
  • At-seat power sockets
  • WiFi

The fleet is currently configured as 40 x 3 car units.

Features and Facts

Manufacturer: Alstom
Entry into service: 2001
Fleet size: 120 vehicles
Unit formation: DMS-PTS-DMS
Unit seating capacity: Standard class: 178, Tip up: 5
Dimensions of unit: DMS: 21.01m, PTOS: 19.94m
Traction type: electric 25kV overhead
Maximum speed: 90mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.62 ms-2
Regenerative braking
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets
At-seat power sockets
Overhead luggage storage
Bicycle storage