Class 320

The Class 320 fleet is leased to ScotRail.

This fleet, which includes Class 320/4s converted from Class 321s, works with Class 318s to provide services in the Glasgow suburban area.

It is based at Shields Road depot.

The fleet is currently undergoing an upgrade and the scope includes:


  • Total interior refurbishment including repaint of all surfaces, new flooring, tables and seat moquette
  • At-seat power sockets
  • Dedicated cycle space
  • Energy efficient LED Lighting
  • Enhanced CCTV system for passenger safety and security
  • Energy metering
  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Driver advisory system

The fleet is currently configured as 34 x 3 car units.

Features and Facts

Manufacturer: BREL
Entry into service: 1990
Fleet size: 102 vehicles
Unit formation: DTS(A)-MS-DTS(B)
Seating capacity: Standard class: 206 and 207, Tip up: 4 and 6
Traction type: electric 25kV overhead
Maximum speed: 90mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.55 ms-2
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets
At-seat power sockets
Overhead luggage storage
Bicycle storage