Class 222

The class 222 fleet is on lease to East Midlands Railway and are currently operational on the Midland Mainline.

They are part of Bombardier’s Class 22x high speed diesel electric multiple unit range. They offer a comfortable and relaxing passenger environment optimised for longer distance services with 125mph capability.

The fleet achieves consistent high reliability figures and unrivalled performance and is a class leading inter-city train fleet.

The fleet is currently configured as:

23 x 5 car units

4 x 7 car units

Features and Facts

Manufacturer: Bombardier
Entry into service: 2004-2005
Fleet size: 143 vehicles
5 car unit formation: DMF-MC-MS-MS-DMS
5 car unit seating capacity: First class: 50, Standard class: 190, Tip up: 10
7 car unit formation: DMF-MF-MF-MS-MS-MS-DMS
7 car unit seating capacity: First class: 106, Standard class: 232, Tip up: 16
Dimensions of unit: 23m non driving vehicles, 23.85m driving vehicles
Traction type: Diesel electric
Maximum speed: 125mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.80 ms-2
Rheostatic braking
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets throughout: 2 x UAT
Air conditioning
Passenger information system
CCTV in all coaches
At-seat power sockets
Luggage stacks and overhead storage