Class 185

The Class 185 fleet is leased to TransPennine Trains.

They are a diesel variant of Siemens extensive and high-performing Desiro product range.  They are specifically designed to provide the comfort and power required to operate inter-regional routes. 

A comprehensive interior and exterior upgrade to the fleet has delivered: 

  • Full interior refresh 
  • WiFi fitted throughout 
  • Advanced passenger information system with body-end media screens 
  • Automatic passenger counting on all vehicles 
  • Automatic selective door operation on all vehicles 
  • 240v power sockets with USB at every pair of seats 

The fleet is currently configured as 51 x 3 car units.

Please click on the below video link to see the high-quality upgrade. 




Features and Facts

Manufacturer: Siemens
Entry into service: 2006
Fleet size: 153 vehicles
Unit formation: DMCL-MSL-DMS
Unit seating capacity: First Class: 15, Standard class: 154, Tip up: 12
Dimensions of unit: DMCL & DMS: 23.7m, MSL: 23.75m
Traction type: Diesel hydraulic
Maximum speed: 100mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.49 ms-2
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets throughout: 1x universal access toilet
Air conditioning: saloon and cab systems fitted
Advanced passenger information system and passenger counting
Hall bushes
At-seat power sockets and USB
Luggage stacks and overhead storage
Bicycle storage for 2 bicycles