Class 168

The Class 168 fleet is leased to Chiltern Railways.

The fleet operates commuter/regional services from its central London Terminus at London Marylebone along the M40 corridor to destinations in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, as well as long-distance services to the West Midlands along 2 routes.

The fleet is currently configured as 3 x 3 car units.

Tractive Effort

Features and facts

manufacturer-01 Manufacturer: Adtranz
Entry into Service Entry into service: 2000
Current fleet size-01 Fleet size: 9 vehicles
Unit Formation Unit formation: DMSL-MS-DMSL
unit seating capacity Unit seating capacity: Standard Class: 199, Tip Up: 5
dimensions Dimensions of unit: DMSL: 23.62m, MS:23.61M
traction type Traction type: Diesel
Maximum speed-01 Maximum speed: 100mph
maximum acceleration Maximum acceleration: 0.5 ms-2
Accessible Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets CET toilets: 1 x UAT
aircon Air conditioning
at seat power sockets At-seat power sockets
liuggage capacity Overhead luggage storage
Bicycle storage Bicycle storage