Class 158

The class 158 fleet is leased to Northern and work on most routes covered by the operator serving places such as the Calder Valley, Blackpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield, Scarborough and York.

The fleet is currently configured as 10 x 2 car units and has received an interior refresh to make them PRM compliant.

Features and facts

Manufacturer: BREL
Entry into service: 1991
Fleet size: 20 vehicles
Unit formation: DMSL-DMS
Unit seating capacity: Standard class: 138, Tip up: 9
Dimensions of unit: DMSL & DMS 23.23m
Traction Type: diesel
Maximum speed: 90mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.80 ms-2
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets: 1 x UAT
Passenger information system
At-seat power sockets
Overhead luggage storage
Bicycle storage