Class 321 Renatus

The Class 321 Renatus fleet is designed for higher speed, outer suburban commuter services, including journeys in excess of 90 minutes.

The extensive interior and exterior upgrade included:

  • New seats
  • New air conditioning and heating systems
  • Larger vestibules for improved boarding and alighting
  • WiFi
  • Power sockets
  • State of the art traction system
  • LED lighting
  • Driver operated door control

The fleet is configured as 30 x 4 car units.

Please click on the below video link to see the high-quality upgrade.

Features and Facts

Manufacturer: BREL
Entry into service: 1988-1990
Fleet size: 120 vehicles
Unit formation: DTS-PMS-TSL-DTCD
Unit seating capacity: First class: 16, Standard class: 265, Tip up: 4
Dimensions of unit: DTS & DTC: 20.43m, PMS & TSL: 20.18m
Traction type: electric 25kV overhead
Maximum speed: 100mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.6 msms-2
Regenerative braking
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets throughout: 1 x UAT
Air conditioning
Passenger information system
At-seat power sockets
Overhead luggage storage
Bicycle storage for 2 bicycles
Remote condition monitoring