Class 365

The Class 365 fleet is leased to Govia Thameslink Railway and ScotRail. 

They are proven on high intensity commuter services and longer distance routes.  Lightweight and fitted with AC traction, they combine low operating costs with excellent acceleration and 100 mph maximum speed. The modifications to allow this fleet to operate in Scotland can easily be adapted to allow them to run on other electrified routes.

They are also capable of operation on 750V DC third rail electrified routes. 

Recent investment included: 

  • Interior refreshment 
  • Ethernet backbone to support future CCTV system and WiFi 
  • Modifications to enable them to run in Scotland 

The fleet is currently configured as 40 x 4 car units.


Features and Facts

manufacturer-01 Manufacturer: ABB
Entry into Service Entry into service: 1996
Current fleet size-01 Fleet size: 160 vehicles
Unit Formation Unit formation: DMC-TSDW-PTSL-DMC
unit seating capacity Unit seating capacity: First Class: 24, Standard Class: 239
dimensions Dimensions of unit: DMC: 20.89m, TSD/PTS: 20.06m
traction type Traction type: electric 25kV Overhead
Maximum speed-01 Maximum speed: 100mph
maximum acceleration Maximum acceleration: 0.81 ms-2
Accessible Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
CET toilets CET toilets throughout: 1 UAT
aircon Air conditioning in cabs: pressure ventilation vehicles
wifi Ethernet backbone to enable provision of WiFi
passenger information LCD passenger information system providing real time updates
cctv Ethernet backbone to enable provision of CCTV
liuggage capacity Luggage stacks and overhead storage
Bicycle storage Bicycle storage for 2 bicycles