Class 321 Swift Express Fleet

The class 321 Swift Express Freight concept is based on the proven performance and reliability of the class 321 train fleet.  The trains have been designed and engineered to maximise capacity for parcels and light goods whilst meeting operational requirements.

They can operate across the British AC overhead electrified network to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel rail freight or road transport, offering fast access to city centres, maritime ports and rail freight facilities, avoiding congestion. A 12 car formation can replace 12 HGVs, with attendant advantages in emissions reduction and HGV driver availability.

The fleet formation can be 4, 8 or 12 car units with a payload of 38.5 tonnes per 4 car.

We currently have 1 unit on trial and a further 4 x 4 car units being converted by Gemini Rail Services.



Features and Facts

Manufacturer: BREL 1988-1990
Fleet size: 20 vehicles
Unit formation: DTC-PMS-TS-DTS
Dimensions of unit: DTS & DTC: 20.43m, PMS & TSL: 20.18m
Traction type: electric 25kV overhead
Maximum speed: 100mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.55 ms-2
CET toilets subject to layout
Cab air conditioning