Class 315

The class 315 fleet is currently on lease to both MTR and Arriva Rail London.

The fleet is an ideal commuter and regional EMU, with the open plan interior benefiting entry/exit for a seated capacity of 318 passengers.

The fleet is capable of operating in 8 and 12 car configuration and has recently undergone an electrical overhaul, as well as benefiting from enhancements in its LED lighting.

The fleet is currently configured as 6 x 4 car units.

Features and Facts

Manufacturer: BREL
Entry into service: 1980 - 1981
Fleet size: 24 vehicles
Unit formation: DMS1-PTS-TS-DMS2
Unit seating capacity: Standard class: 309, Tip up: 7
Dimensions of unit: DMS: 20.03m, PTS: 20.18m
Traction type: electric 24kV overhead
Maximum speed: 75mph
Maximum acceleration: 0.75 ms-2
Accessible: TSI PRM compliant
Cab air conditioning
AC traction system
Passenger information system
Overhead luggage storage
Bicycle storage